Registration of a Singapore Branch
Any corporation incorporated outside Singapore which intends to establish a place of business or conduct business in Singapore as a branch, must first be registered with ACRA. Abogado can assist with:

- Secretarial agent services;
- Registered office facilities;
- Nominee agent referrals; and
- Registration of business.

Setting up a Representative Office
A Representative Office is a form of presence created by International Enterprise Singapore, an agency of the Singapore Government. This form of presence is not covered by any statutory provision, nor is it monitored by ACRA. It is seen as a temporary vehicle which is permitted to carry out liaison and promotional activities but no other business operations. As with a branch, it is not a distinct legal entity but part of the foreign corporation.

Abogado can assist in setting up representative offices in Singapore, renewal or cessation of representative office status or upgrading of the same to a Singapore Branch or Company.

Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Business Trusts
Abogado can also assist in the establishment of alternative investment and operating vehicles such as limited liability partnerships (“LLP”), limited partnerships (“LP”) and business trusts.

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